Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dogs and their Humans-The Bond.

I am a dog person, and these are my girls Spooky and Boo.

  In fact, I credit Spooky and Boo for sparking my interest in photography. The desire to catch them in motion as we learned the sport of dog agility was the big push. Plus the training also help make them good little models!
Last March a couple friends from the local dog training club asked if I would like to shoot a disc dog competition in Brooksville.
Outside of some rain the first day, it was a great weekend and I got to watch some real athletes in action. 


I shot thousands of photos that weekend and it was during the editing that I started noticing an interesting pattern emerge.


Now we all have heard about owners and dogs looking alike.

And some owners like to dress their dogs like themselves.
Some owners are so close to their dogs, it's often hard to tell who's running who!
But I was seeing something else...

At first it was very subtle

But it soon became very obvious! The humans were controlling the dogs with their minds, and a little body English!
Okay...I know there's no mind control going on here, but I did find it rather amusing.
This one I call the Sumo
And here is "Show em your teeth!"


Thanks for looking!


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