Sunday, April 24, 2016

May's Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Hunt is on!

Photo Scavenger Hunt that is.

The idea is pretty simple. Below, you should see a list of song titles (I've included artist so you can YouTube it for inspiration if you like) and your mission is to take a picture to go with each song. Totally up to your interpretation, if AC/DC's "Have a Drink on Me" reminds you of your Grandma, then a pic of Grandma will do just fine. Of course we would love to hear the story! Join Loyce's Project 365 Facebook group (use the search feature or send me a message) and post your photos there so we have them in one place and it's easier for me to keep track of.
Starting May 1st, you can take and post as many in one day as you would like. In fact there's a 100 point bonus for the first to complete. Just keep in mind there are other bonuses to be had that can add up to much more then 100 points.
First Prize is Epic Bragging Rights...and a $42,000 Dave and Busters Gift Card!. Just kidding about the gift card, an obvious Pitch Perfect 2 movie reference. I did come up with a prize that will cost me very little and may have even less value to you! I'll print and send the winner a 8x10 (or smaller if desired) of any photo I have taken and posted to FaceBook, Flickr, or my SpookyBooStudios website. Or the winner can request I print a photo they themselves took for the Hunt.

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  1. Also, sorry for being so heavy with the Led Zeppelin! Id this goes well I promise to mix it up more and be more current next time around.