Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sweetfield's Farm

Yesterday we went to  Masaryktown to visit Sweetfield's Farm and to gaze upon their Sunflower Maze! Gorgeous day and we got an early start.
 My daughter in law Megan was the driving force behind this trip as she just loves sunflowers
She wasn't disappointed! They were big, bright and EVERYWHERE!

 Of course the big draw was the sunflower maze. Before entering they give you a card with 7 questions on it. When you come to a numbered post you read the question and your answer determines if you go left, right, or straight. Sounds pretty easy, but there are many many places where there are no post and you have to decide.
 Here we are at the entrance, the people coming at us have given up and are exiting!

 Very family friendly place that attracts kids of all ages.
And kids of all types!
They also had some u-pick-it going on, or you could opt to buy some veggies already picked (which is what we did)

.All in all, a very nice day, highly recommended.  Lots of things to keep the kids busy, and the photographer shooting!


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